Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa Came to My House!

Merry Christmas! Santa came, Santa came! He actually came to my house and even ate the cookies I made for him. Awesome! OK, so maybe he's not all that scary. Maybe next year I will sit on his lap. You never know...
Here I am when I first came down stairs on Christmas morning checking out the cool Noah's Ark Christmas tree that Santa brought for me. Wow, neat cow ornament. Moooo!
Santa also brought me this neat truck. It is a car hauler and has a car for the back and makes lots of truck sounds. I love it! Thanks, Santa!
I also got some more cool books. Will someone read this one to me?
Here's a quick video of me and Dada checking out a sticker book I got featuring my favorite Sesame Street character: Elmo, of course!
Wait, here's one more present from Mama and Dada...
Oooo, it's a farm block set. It has a farmer, a barn, a tractor plus a chicken, horse and pig. I was making all the animal sounds and driving the animals around all morning. Thanks, guys!
Stay tuned for more Christmas fun with the Dirstines...


Allison said...

Very cool, Noah! What an exciting Christmas morning! I especially like your roaring fire!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am dazed by all the great stuff you got, Noah! Have fun all year!
I love you,

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