Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photos with Santa 2009: Attempt #1

A few weeks ago, Jack and I went with Mimi and Pop-Pop and our parents to see Santa Claus. Their nice friend, Lynn, works at a realty office and she invited us for free pictures with Santa. Good idea, right? Wrong. Here's what happened when Mama put me on Santa's toddler meltdown. Who the heck is this guy and why would I be OK sitting on his lap?
Then we tried just sitting "near" Santa. No dice.
Then we stood "behind" Santa. Better.
We're going to have brunch with Santa tomorrow with Tutu and Sir at their country club. So we'll try one more time to get a nice photo with Santa. Good luck, silly adults!


Jenn said...

These photos are priceless -- Noah will laugh at these one day.

Meg said...

That first one is a scream-literally...why do we do this to our kids? We all do and Jenn's right, later the kids think the trauma is as hilarious as we do! Waiting to see Emily's attitude about too close for comfort.

longge said...

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