Monday, December 28, 2009

Photos with Santa 2009: Attempt #2

Last Sunday we went the Tutu and Sir's country club for a brunch with Santa Claus. We'd thought we'd give the Santa photo one more try. Here I am eating my lunch. Is the big guy here yet?
Here I am with Mama and Tutu. Santa, where are you?
Dada and Sir, any sign of him yet?
Finally, Santa arrived. I stood with Sir and watched some of the other kids sit on Santa's lap. It seemed like I might actually make it. Fat chance! As soon as Dada got within about a foot of Santa, I started whimpering. You can actually see the tears in my eyes in this photo. This is as close as I would get. And he even offered me a gift.
Thanks for the doggie, Santa, but I'm still not going to sit on your lap. Nice try, people. There's always next year...


Meg said...

Noah, I think you did pretty good there with Daddy holding you! What a nice doggy Santa had for you!

Allison said...

Much better job, Noah. Nice to be held and not put on his lap, huh? And what do you need to sit on his lap for if you will get a present anyway?! Smart boy!

Anonymous said...

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