Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach and Cheeseburgers in Paradise: Day 2 (August 8)

On the morning of our second day in Maui, we went to the beach with Jack. Mimi, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jon joined us of course. Here are Jack and I getting ready to check out the water.
We had to hold our Mommies' hands at first.
The water was just fine!
Here's our beach group. That was a big wave!
Then Jack and I played in the sand.
Jack loved scooping up sand and making mini castles.
I has fun shoveling and shoveling and shoveling sand. Noah the Focused was out in full force!
Then it was back in the water. Jack and Mimi did some swimming. She wanted me to post this photo to prove to her friends that she actually went in the water. Silly, Mimi!
Then Daddy joined us and we went in the water together.
After the beach, I was very sleepy. So I took a nap on Daddy's shoulder.
Jack was tired, too! The sun and sand sure do take a lot out of us little guys.
Later that night, some of us went to Lahaina to eat at Cheeseburgers in Paradise: just about the best burger joint on earth! Here's one half of our group enjoying the view...
And here's the other...
I scored an awesome strawberry smoothie to have with my sack dinner of mac n' cheese. It came in this pineapple and it was delicious!
Here I am discussing the finer points of life with Uncle Mike.
After dinner it was sunset time! Here is my little family waiting for the magic to happen.
And here are all the grandparents and their grandchildren: that's Mimi and Pop-Pop with Jack and Tutu and Sir with Ella and me.
Here's a sweet photo of Sir and I watching the sunset. Spectacular!
And here are the photos...

Then it was time to say goodnight to our second day. Here's Ella hamming it up with Tutu.
And here's Mommy taking a picture of Jack taking a picture of me. Hee, hee!
What an awesome day! Stayed tuned for day three...


Allison said...

Making me want to fly to Maui!!!!

Anonymous said...

THis was a great day - so much fun. I look dull in the photos but I was really thrilled. The kids are having a ball! The weather is great (a bit windy!) and it's all Aloha!