Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Sugar Cane Train: Day 7 (August 13)

On Friday, we had one more full day in Maui left. So Jack, Ella and I decided to make the most of it and take a ride on The Sugar Cane Train, Hawaii's ONLY steam train. It takes you between Ka'anapali and Lahaina. It was also my first train ride and I was super excited. OK, it doesn't look like it in this picture, but I was.
This is what the engine looks like. Pretty neat, right?
Here's our whole group waiting for the train to arrive. Ella's Mommy and Daddy went surfing so Tutu and Sir took her for the ride.
This is sugar cane. Even though there is only a little of it left on this part of the Maui, this was once a bustling sugar growing region.
The train runs on water. It was neat to see them fill the tank on our first stop.
Ella actually loved the train. Here she is taking in the sights with Tutu and Sir.
And here I am with Mommy and Daddy. I was very serious about my first train ride and kept saying "choo choo" and making the wheel motions with my arms.
Why am I so serious in these pictures? I must have been very focused.
The coolest part of the train ride was the view. Here's a neat view of the ocean and if you look really close, you can see several parasailers in the air.
And here's a cool view of Lanai with the hotels in the foreground.
Jack and Mimi loved the train ride, too. Hi, Jack!
After a quick stop to let the engine turn around, it was time to head back to our original station. We decided to sit in a different car with side seats just for the fun of it.

At the end of our ride, the engine turned around one last time and we were able to take a great photo of it in motion and were treated to a big steam blow.
When I say "we" I mean everyone but me. I fell asleep. OK, so how do you sleep through a very loud train ride and a big steam blow? I'm not so sure but I did. What can I say, I can sleep practically anywhere.
That evening, we all had one last BBQ together and said goodbye until next time.
And Jack and I made a mischief one last time together. It sure was great having you here to play with, buddy!

One last day on Maui to go! Stay tuned...


Allison said...

Looks like a fun train ride - can't believe you slept through any of it though.

Marirose said...

Noah, the train ride was the most fun ever! You kept saying "Whoo Whoo" like the engine for days after, even though you fell asleep you loved it. Ella really loved it too and pointed at scenery as we passed. She is a trooper just like you. Love you,