Friday, August 13, 2010

Sand Castle Competition and PacificO's: Day 6 (August 12)

On Thursday morning, our family participated in a sand castle building contest! They only gave us a few tools and we had to make something that resembled a sand castle in 30 minutes. Our team decided to make a big, giant honu (that's a turtle in Hawaiian). Here is a shot of the progress...
Uncle Jimmy formed the flippers and head...
Aunt Marisa and even Ella helped, too.
Actually, Ella ate sand. I think she liked it.
Daddy and I took time out of our swimming to observe our team. Cool castle, guys!
Uncle Mike even dove in the ocean to find just the right coral and shell pieces for the decoration. Now that's teamwork!
Here they are putting on the finishing touches. Just a few minutes left...
Wow, there are little turtles crawling all over the big turtle. Very imaginative.
Finally, the turtle was done. Yeah, Team Honu!
After the official judging was over, the first place prize went to this cool castle. There is a real lady buried in there! We got second place. Not too shabby!
Then it was time for Jack, Ella and I to demolish the turtle. We had lots of practice from the day before so we dug right in.
Miss Ella was much more content to sit on top and eat some more sand.
Here's a little video of the destruction. Enjoy!

After an awesome day at the beach and pool, we headed to our favorite restaurant in Maui: PacificO's. Here we are at our table. We had a terrific view!
I enjoyed a bowl full of strawberries and a virgin strawberry daiquiri, too! Yummy!
Then I passed the time with my Sponge-Bob water coloring book. Mommy says that thing has saved us on this trip. I don't know about that but it sure is fun.
Then it was time for the sunset and many photos on the beach. Here are Daddy and I getting ready. Silly, boys!
Here's a fantastic photo of Daddy and his family.
And here's a super one of Pop-Pop, Mimi and the three of us.
How about one with Tutu and Sir? Too bad I looked away. Oh, well.
Here's our first attempt at one of our family. Runaway toddler on the loose!
Much better. So cute!
And here are a few shots of the sunset. Amazing!

Another super day in Maui! Only two to go...


Allison said...

I LOVE the castle! You should have won with that - those super cute little turtles all over... job well done! The sunset pics are also great... but all of these dinners are making me hungry and thirsty for something fruity and delicious! :)

Anonymous said...

Noah, your mommy takes great pix! I enjoyed watching you and Jack demolish the Team Honu Sand Castle. You are having such fun.
I love you!

Dele said...

Congrats on placing in the sandcastle contest - way to go! And thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Looks like you all had a wonderful time - ALOHA!

Anonymous said...

My boy learned how to "Shaka" or hang loose on the island. I am so proud of you playing in the sand this year. Love you son. -Daddy

Marirose said...

The sand castle was sooo amazing! A real work of sand art! Aunt Nora, Aunt Darlene Uncle Mike, Sir, Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Nora's friend Aaron really did a terrific job! Such a fun time,