Monday, August 30, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

Yesterday, we went to Great-Grammy's house to celebrate her 88th birthday. I know, you are probably asking yourself, "didn't you already celebrate Great-Grammy's birthday the weekend of the Viggianelli reunion?" Well you would be half right. The thing is, Grammy loves to cook and she wanted to make us all dinner to celebrate her birthday. But with reunions and trips to Maui, we just didn't have the time. Until now...
When we arrived, Grammy had a bag of goodies for Jack and me. So I got busy with the dinosaur water squirter. Daddy helped me learn how to use it.
Soon I was "watering" the plants on my own.
Then Mimi and Pop-Pop arrived and I saw them from the porch and ran out to greet them.
I had hugs and kisses for Pop-Pop...
And of course Mimi, too!
Then when Jack, Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn arrived, we moved inside and played with all kinds of toys.
Jack and his Daddy read a classic together.
And I tried on Grammy's glasses. They fit like a glove!
Then it was time for dinner. I was having my usual, mac n' cheese, while everyone else had Grammy's famous spaghetti. Here's Grammy trying to persuade me to try it. No way, lady!
After dinner, it was time for an old fashioned parade! Mimi, Jack and I warmed up.

Here's a glimpse of our parade going by. Enjoy!
Then it was time for Grammy to blow out her candles. Only she let Jack and I do it instead. Good practice for our third birthdays, huh?
Jack and I were sure to share our cake with Grammy. We're generous that way.
Then came the best part of the night. Grammy pulled out a big box full of costumes she had made for Mommy and Uncle Jon when they were kids. What a treat! Here I am wearing Uncle Jon's scrubs shirt and Mommy's clown hat. There were also Indian costumes and a Beetlejuice one. Who the heck is he? I guess you have to be old like Mommy and Uncle Jon to remember that one.
Jack joined the fun, too! Silly! I think that hat's a bit big though, buddy.
Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. After a bath, Jack and I took one last photo with Grammy. Boy, do we look tired. But isn't our Grammy adorable?
Thanks, Grammy, for dinner and a great birthday celebration! Sorry it took us so long...
Bye for now, Grammy! We love you!


Allison said...

The parade was my favorite. I think I have to watch it again... and show it to Emily tomorrow morning. Happy Happy Birthday to Grammy. Noah, you are TOTALLY missing out with the spaghetti buddy. You will learn one day... I hope. ;)

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Great Grammy Mary is the best cook!! I love the song you played in the parade! It is my favorite song, especially this time of year! What fun you all had! Tutu

Meg said...

What a nice party! I loved the parade too! You two, ALL of you!, are so lucky to have Grammy to spoil you and fix the best busketti in the world!!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was a grand celebration! Noah, you and Jack make it all so extra special! We love you dearly!
Mimi and Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

Just have to add that I hope everyone appreciates Pop Pop's parade style. He just kind of walks and saunters along. He's not on our page but he's cool!!!