Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pre-Maui Party

Yesterday, we went to Tutu and Sir's house for a pre-Maui party. There are 20 of us Dirstines and Livingstons going to Maui this coming week for a whole week of fun. So we decided to have a party to celebrate our upcoming vacation. I started practicing my "alohas" and everything. Here I am checking out a pineapple. There are a lot of those in Maui.
Here's Ella practicing her floatie skills in the pool. Go, Ella, go!
Here's Ella with her Daddy, Uncle Mike. She stayed in the pool for an hour. She was having a blast and will LOVE Maui. We swim all day long there.
Aunt Marisa, our little hula mama, even treated us all to some dancing. She really got us in the Hawaii mood!
Ella is starting to love all sorts of foods. She loved eating strawberries, bananas and Pirate's Bootie. I think you are ready for Maui, little girlie!
Sir and I had fun in the yard.
He even let me water his plants.
And Aunt Nora took me all over the yard and showed me which flowers smell the best. These lilies smelled like candy.
And this gardenia smelled divine!
Ella was having a super time just hanging out on the grass. She also is walking so well, even better than last weekend. You go, Ella!

Then Mommy tried to take a video of us all playing rollie ball but she forgot that you can only take video on her camera when it's horizontal. Better practice your camera skills, Mommy, before we get to Maui. Enjoy this sideways video anyways.

I'm all ready for my trip to Maui. The islands are calling...


Allison said...

Man oh man! If I had shown up at the pre-party would I automatically be included in the trip?! What a BLAST you all are going to have!!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories!

Jenn said...

It looks like everyone is ready to go to Maui! So disappointed we missed the party, but so looking forward to seeing everyone in Hawaii!

Meg said...

I can think of a couple things to do in Maui! Lucky Noah! LUCKY family!!

Marirose said...

Noah, we had a blast. Remember that Maui No Ka Heke (Maui is da bomb!!)Tutu