Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun with Family: Day 3 (August 9)

Our third day in Maui was so much fun! We spent the morning at the beach with Jack and at the pool with Ella and did some swimming in the big pool with Tutu in the afternoon.
That evening, we had a pizza party with everyone at Tutu and Sir's room. Here I am with Auntie Darlene watching yet another spectacular sunset.
And here I am with Auntie Nora. We sang lots of songs together, including "The ABC Song," "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Old MacDonald." Aunt Mary, Aunt Darlene and Aaron joined in.
And here's a photo of the sunset. Mommy and Daddy say that this happens every night. Oh, boy!

Another wonderful day in paradise! Stayed tuned for more Maui fun...


Meg said...

Glad you're taking advantage of all the aquatic opportunities, Noah and all the grown-ups around to love you all week!!

Marirose said...

Hi Noah, the pizza party was so much fun. Your Auntie Darlene especially loved the way you flew around in her arms shouting "Super Noah!" She loves you so much and so do I,