Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maui Day Five: Choo-Choo!

On day five of our Maui vacation, Sir, Uncle Mike and Aunt Marisa went surfing (that's right, Sir went on his first surfing adventure and did pretty well). So Tutu, Mommy and Daddy decided to take us kiddos for a ride on the Sugar Cane Train. We went for the first time last year and loved it so it seemed like a good way to spend our morning. And the best part is the station is directly across the street from our resort so we could walk right on over. Bonus!
Ella and I were very excited to get on the train. We had to wait patiently for the train to arrive.
Here I am still waiting patiently with Mommy and Daddy in from of the schedule board. OK, well mostly patient.
Finally, we heard the whistle blowing off in the distance. Daddy spotted the train before I did.
Here it comes! Oh boy!
Tutu, Ella and I took our seats and got ready for the trip. Can you tell I was excited? I LOVE trains!
Here's the typical view from the train toward the ocean. Spectacular!
And here's the view from the other side. Lovely country and hills, huh? And I think it's raining up there. Neat!
Soon we reached the Lahaina station. We all had to get off the train so the engine could turn around on the platform. It was neat to watch.
While we were waiting, Daddy and I slipped into the gift shop and picked up this awesome train whistle. It almost sounds like the real thing. It takes a lot of breath to get it to sound right but I got it after just a few tries.
I let Ella try it, too (since I'm a nice big cousin and all). She didn't quite understand the concept of blowing into the whistle so she made the train sound into it instead. It was adorable!
Then we were off on our return trip to Ka'anapali. I waved to the golfers we saw on the courses we passed. They waved back, of course!
Soon all good things have to come to an end. Darn! But we got one more treat before we reached the station. The engine had to turn around one last time and it blew off a bunch of steam right in front of us. We actually felt the mist. It was so cool!
One more photo in front of the engine before we left. What a great trip!
Tutu and Ella had to take one, too! So cute!
Here's a shot of the whole train as we walked back home. Hope to see you again next year, Sugar Cane Train!

That evening, the mommies and daddies got a special night out without their kiddies. Ella and I stayed with Tutu and Sir while Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Mike and Aunt Marisa had adult dinners out on the town. Don't worry, Ella and I had a blast coloring, eating popcorn and ice cream, and rolling in the grass in front of our building. Do we know how to have fun or what? (Note from Mommy: Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for giving us a parents' night out in Maui...we had fun!)

Stayed tuned for highlights from our sixth day in Maui: Fun with Jack in Wailea...

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Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Noah, we had so much fun on the Sugar Cane Train. You and Ella are great pals. You waved to everyone and noticed so much. We'll do it again lots. Love you, Tutu