Monday, July 18, 2011

Maui Day Three: A Date with Mommy and Whaler's Village

Welcome to day three of our Maui vacation!

Today, Tutu, Sir, Daddy and Uncle Mike went golfing. Look at that form, will ya...these guys are pros!
So Mommy and I decided we would go on a little adventure of our own! We waited patiently for the free resort shuttle to take us the the Lahaina Cannery Mall. I had to have a snack while we waited.
I even got to sit in my own seat. I loved it!

Mommy and I had a great morning shopping. I got a special Hawaiian outfit for dinner later in the week, a cool monkey T-shirt and an aloha bear. I was one lucky boy!

By the way, the restaurant attached to the mall did not have a children's menu (umm, duh!) so Mommy and I had to scout around for something I would eat. We found an Orange Julius and what do you know...they have hot dogs. But silly boy that I am, I ate the whole bun and only took one bite of the actual dog (insert big sigh from Mommy). Hee, hee!
On the way back, my new aloha bear and I were so tuckered out that we snoozed on the shuttle.
Later, after the golfers got home, we all headed to Whaler's Village for dinner at the Hula Grill. We had about 45 minutes until our table would be ready so Ella and I took in the sights and found a fountain to play in.
We had a blast running around and just being kids, too.Finally our table was ready. Here I am posing with Mommy and Daddy.
Here's Ella with her Mommy and Daddy, too.
The best part about dinner was the delicious smoothie I had. It was amazing and I drank the whole thing. Boy, Hawaiians sure do know how to make a good smoothie!
Cheers! By the way, this silly pose is my new "cheese look" for the camera. Mommy thinks I am a serious ham.
A lovely sunset to end an awesome day! Wowee!

Stay tuned for Day Four: Another Day at the Pool...

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