Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maui Day Six: Fun with Jack in Wailea

On the sixth day of our Maui vacation, we headed off to Wailea on the south side of the island to visit with Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Jack. Little did we know when we were planning our separate vacations that we would be in Maui at the same time. Neat, right?

Their resort, The Fairmont, was just beautiful and Mommy, Daddy and I were excited to see another part of Maui. The Wailea south side of the island is a bit more woodsy than the country-like west side of Ka'anapali. It was quite a lovely change of scenery for us, for sure! Here's the view of the pool area and that's exactly where we headed first!
The resort had a great kiddie wadding pool. Jack and I "borrowed" a few pool toys from some other kids and had a blast splashing around.
Jack was super excited to see us, can't you tell?
Daddy and Jack had a some deep conversations about the pool.
And Jack and I thought Aunt Jenn looked a little too dry so we helped her out.
Who should we splash next, Jack?
Needless to say, the cousins had an awesome morning.
Every day, the resort has a fun activity for kids. Today is was hula lessons. Jack and I thought we might try it out.
We listened very closely to the instructors. Good thing Aunt Jenn was there to help.
OK, I think we're ready to hula!
Why do I have such a confused look on my face, you ask? Well I tried to hula for a few minutes but I got a bit frustrated when the steps got more complicated so I went back to the pool with Mommy. Jack and Aunt Jenn stuck around for a few more steps. I think they were really getting a hang of it.
Then it was time for lunch so we headed over the the pool grill.
Jack and I colored while we waited for our food to come. Mommy loves how alike we look in this photo. Boy are we cousins or what?
Finally, it was time to say goodbye. We headed up to Jack's room to change our clothes, which was beautiful and quite cozy. We had to pose with Ironman, of course.
Thanks so much for having us, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jon! We had a great day. See you back in L.A....
On the way home, I took a big nap. I was exhausted!
Later that evening, we headed down to Lahaina for some Cheeseburgers in Paradise! It's one of our favorite casual dining places in Maui. Ella and I took in the beach scene while we waited for our table.
And we even snuck in a cool family photo. Cheese!
Here's a silly one of me and my Mommy. In this one you can see the restaurant. We sat up on the second floor next to the musician. Ella and I LOVED the music and danced and danced for all the other patrons. We were a hit! Mommy couldn't get a photo of us in action so you will have to trust me when I say that we certainly cut a rug!
Daddy and I got silly, too, waiting for the sunset. Check out those beautiful clouds behind us. Gotta love Maui!
While we were outside, we were fortunate enough to catch a lovely rainbow on the other side of the street. It was right near the famous Lahaina "L." Awesome!
The moment we had been waiting for finally arrived. Wow, what a sunset!

Can you believe we only have one more full day left on the island? Boy, did we hate to leave! Stay tuned for highlights from day seven: Happy Birthday, Ella...


Jenn said...

What a treat to be able to see family during our trip to Maui. Thanks for visiting!

Allison said...

So funny - "see you in L.A.!" Ha! How great that you were able to see your great buddy Jack, Noah!

Mimi said...

Such a wonderful day! Who would have thunk that you two would be able to play together again this year in beautiful Maui. Great photos! Love you both!