Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maui Day Four: More Fun at the Pool!

Day four of our Maui vacation was spent at the pool once again!

I promised you all coverage of my time at the Pirate Pool and Mommy was able to capture me in action on Tuesday. For those of you who need a refresher, here is a shot of the pool in all its glory. I mean, what kid wouldn't have a blast in there?
This year, I was very brave and told Daddy that I wanted to go down the slide all by myself. In past years, I have only gone down the slide with an adult holding me tightly. Here I am going up the stairs to take the plunge solo.
And here I am getting ready to brave the slide alone.

Success and a big splash at the end. I went on the slide at least 25 times on this day alone. I could not get enough of it!

Hi, Mommy! You can go back and relax in the shade...Daddy and I got this Pirate Pool covered.

Later on, I did some swimming with Daddy, Tutu and Ella. We had so much fun splashing and playing motor boat. We were little fishies!

After a while, I was cold and tired. So Mommy bundled me up and I took a nap right there in the shade. Ahhh!

Ella took a rest with her Daddy, too.

Later that night, after Aunt Marisa and Mommy enjoyed massages at the resort spa, we headed down the street for dinner at Duke's. It's only a short distance from our resort so we decided to walk. Actually, if you are Ella and me, then you ran almost the whole way there. We were so silly and held hands the whole time. Here's a shot of Mommy and Daddy all ready for a yummy dinner. Cute!

Here's a shot of our little family outside Duke's. Check out my new Hawaiian shirt...I picked it out all by myself.

And here's a great shot of our whole group. We were ready for some good eats!

This was our view of the sunset during dinner. Going, going...

Gone! What a sight!

So the sun set on our fourth day in Maui. Our trip is already half over. Boo! Wait until you see what I did on my fifth day on the island...choo-choo!


Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

What fun we all had Noah! You were terrific in the Pirate Pool or Piezees Pool as Ella called it. You and Ella had a blast running on the grass with your flaslights at night too. Great memories forever. You are the best boy! Love Tutu and Sir

Giselle said...

Wow, that pool is the best for kids! And that sunset is amazing...