Friday, July 22, 2011

Maui Day Seven: Happy Birthday, Ella!

Our last full day on the island started out with some fun times at the pool once again. A couple of nice families were leaving that day and they gave Ella some sand toys and this awesome turtle floatie. We had to try it out right away and boy was it fun!
After a fun-filled morning of swimming, splashing and floating, I took a nap in the shade. I was zonked out!
For our final dinner in Maui, we went to Bubba Gumps. For those of you who don't remember the film "Forrest Gump," this restaurant is themed after the movie and named for his best friend, Bubba. It is very kid friendly so Ella and I had so much fun. Here I am looking at the sunset with Tutu. We had to wear our shades.
My meal of mac 'n cheese came in a big shrimp boat. It was so cool! The specialty of the house is shrimp prepared many different and delicious ways. But of course, I stuck to one of my old stand-bys. I am so predictable.
Here is a photo of our last Maui sunset. Mommy took it a bit too late but it's still just stunning. Boy, will I miss these sunsets. I've been looking for them every day since we got back to L.A. but they are certainly not the same in the states.
Later, we headed back to Tutu and Sir's room to celebrate Ella's birthday! She was going to turn two in two days so we decided to start the celebration early when we could all be together. Aunt Marisa made us all cupcakes. Oh, boy, cake!
Ella did an awesome job blowing out her candle. I think she was practicing.
Here I am munching my cupcake...
...It was messy and delicious!
Tutu and I decided that we should toast with our cupcakes. Silly!
So everyone joined in. Cheers!
Then it was time for some presents! From Mommy, Daddy and me, Ella got a hula bear...
...A cool monkey T-shirt...
...And a hula girl paper doll book. She loved them all!
We also got her a cute hula girl bracelet to match the necklace Tutu and Sir got for her. Neat!
Ella also got to wear these awesome birthday glasses. I guess when it's your birthday, you are so cool that you have to wear shades.
Works for me! Those glasses were the best!
Tutu had to try them, too. Shaka!
Finally, we all headed outside to test out the neat flashlights that Tutu got for us. Here I am checking out the ground.
Here's Ella looking rather spooky.
And here I am being my silly self. Flashlights are the best!

So our Maui vacation came to a fun-filled close. Awwww! Don't worry, we'll be back next year for more fun! And we will ave a new addition to our family to have fun with (I think Peanut will love it here as much as I do). Now it's back to L.A. and back to our normal lives. How can we stay on Maui forever? I will have to think hard about that...

Aloha, Maui, until we meet again! Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for taking us on such a wonderful family trip...we'll have these memories forever in our hearts!


Allison said...

Such a lucky little boy, Noah! A great great trip with your Dirstine family! I love Ella's spooky picture... really shows off her eyelashes! :)

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Noah, you and Ella were great runners on this trip. You two ran all the way to Duke's for dinner, holding hands. You ran on the grass with your flashlights that I got you and wanted to do it every single night. You saw gekkos and frogs and heard the gekkos in the bushes. Such fun memories with my little grandson pal. Love you, Tutu

Mimi said...

What fun to celebrate Ella's birthday in Maui! Glad you had such a grand time. Love you!