Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pre-Maui Celebration

On Saturday, we went to Tutu and Sir's house to not only have our first swim of the season in their pool but also to celebrate our upcoming trip to Maui. Aunt Marisa, Uncle Mike and Cousin Ella joined us, too. It was a pretty hot day and that pool was certainly calling us!
I was feeling particularly silly so I insisted on taking a ride in the baby pool floaties, even though I was definitely too big and was wearing my new Puddle Jumper big kid floatie. Tutu obliged me, of course.
Had to ride the horse, too. What a silly boy!
Then I took a turn on the lounger. OK, this is definitely the life!
Daddy and I had a blast swimming. My new big kid floatie is pretty cool, by the way. Can't wait to use it in Maui.Then I got too cold so I got all bundled up and sat with Mommy. Much better.
After a quick costume change, I was ready for some fun in Tutu and Sir's yard. I explored every inch and took Ella with me to see all the sights.
The best part were the side-by-side horsey rides Uncle Mike gave us. We would hold hands during the ride. We were so cute!Then we would somersault off the horsey...
...and get tickled.
It was a blast!

By the way, Tutu and Sir cooked a big Maui-style BBQ for all of us. We had yummy marinaded Maui burgers, corn on the cob, potato salad, fresh fruit (including a Hawaii-quality pineapple that was to die for), baked beans and even make-your-own sundaes for dessert (I tried marshmallow fluff for the first time and loved it, of course). Delicious!

Oh, boy, less than two weeks before we leave for our Maui trip...what an awesome celebration to get us in the Hawaii mood, huh? Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for the great BBQ and pool fun! Aloha for now!


Allison said...

Not sure a trip to Hawaii requires "psyching up" but whatever... any time is a good time for a party and it looks like you had a fun one, Noah!

Meg said...

Seems like you could almost hear the distant hula music!! Glad you have such good times with your cousins, Noah! Lucky boy!!

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Aloha spirit is the order of the day! Noah, you and Ella were so brave jumping off the high pool wall into the pool! What sports you are! Can't wait for Maui! Tutu

Mimi said...

Bon voyage to all the Dirstines who are Maui-Bound! Have a wonderful trip!

Noah, is the pirate ship still there?


Jenn said...

Have a wonderful time in Maui!