Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Brunch with Santa

I officially turned 3 on Sunday, December 12! To celebrate, I went to a Santa brunch with all of my grandparents at the Woodland Hills Country Club. That's Tutu and Sir's club. But before brunch, we stopped by Tutu and Sir's house to see their new garden bridge. It was a present for Tutu from Sir for her 60th birthday.
Here I am checking out the bridge. It was super cool!
We soon realized that the bridge was a perfect place for photos. Good thing we wore our Christmas clothes. Here I am being silly posing.
Ella and her Mommy and Daddy came, too. Just look at that smile and pretty dress! What a cutie!
So I took Ella's hand and we stood on the bridge together.
Smile for the cameras, Ella. The paparazzi was out in full force that morning.
Mommy and Daddy decided to get in on the act, too! Here's an almost perfect photo of our little family.
This one's even better. I am such a ham!
Did I mention that it was almost 90 degrees on Sunday? Must of slipped my mind. Here's a great photo of me with my Mimi and Pop-Pop. Notice Pop-Pop is wearing a Christmas Hawaiian shirt. That's why he is "cooler" than the rest of us.
Then it was off to the club for brunch! I had tons of fruit, pancakes and milk.
The food was delicious!
Ella enjoyed her brunch, too, in case you couldn't tell.
Soon it was time for the "Big Guy" to arrive. I got up on my chair for a better view.
Santa is in the building! I had to wave to him.
We then got in line to wait our turn to talk to Santa and sit on his lap. I was determined to not cry this time. This was actually my second time seeing Santa this season (more on the first visit next week) but I still needed a pep talk from Tutu and Sir.
Then it was my turn. Gulp! And guess what? It was OK! Santa is not all that bad and I actually smiled. Amazing, huh?
Ella did a great job, too. She even gave Santa a big kiss. What a gal!
Then I moved back in the shot and we were able to snap a few photos of both of us with Santa. It was a magical moment for sure!
Soon it was time to go home. Awww! Daddy was pretending to be asleep but I had to wake him up by saying "cock-a-doodle-do." But in my language it comes out more like "cock-ca-da-doo."
So seeing Santa and hanging out with some of my favorite people was a great close to a fun-filled birthday weekend! Thanks, again, to everyone for making my birthday so very special. I love you all very much!
So I'm 3 and it is the best! Now if I could just go pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty, I will be all set...maybe that should be my New Year's resolution?


Allison said...

Oh Noah, all of that food is making me hungry! Love all of your pictures and fun... what a treat to get to see Santa with your cousin and so much family around! Good luck with the potty - we are rooting for you!

Meg said...

Such cute pictures with Santa and the first sighting especially! Looks like a very fun morning!

Marirose said...

Noah, you are the best 3 year old! You were so kind to little Ella and you were great talking to Santa! We all had such a fun time on your special actual birthday. Love you to the moon and beyond, Tutu and Sir