Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookies for Santa

It's finally Christmas Eve! My Christmas Countdown Calendar does not have any magnets left...Charlie only has one more day at our house before he goes home to Santa until next December (by the way, I wrote Santa a note last night and asked Charlie to take him a package of fishy crackers to help him keep his strength up during the last day before Christmas...he appreciated them so much!)...
And I hung up all the last minute decorations, including this awesome tree that I made in school this week. So I guess there's only one more thing to do...
Make cookies for Santa, of course! Daddy, Mommy and I spent the morning decorating cookies for our favorite big guy. Daddy and I had to agree on our strategy before we did any decorating.
And we set right to it! I did a pretty good job putting icing and sprinkles on Santa's cookies.
Check out this candy cane. It is the bomb!
Daddy made a snowman. Good technique, Daddy!
Here we are posing with our creation. Lovely! I had a mouth full of popcorn in case you were wondering.
Then things went a bit crazy. I kinda over did the sprinkles on this stocking. Hope you like them, Santa, cuz there will be a mouthful of sprinkles in every bite!
And here are all our finished cookies on my official "Cookies for Santa" plate. We did an excellent job if I do say so myself.
So tonight we are off to celebrate with the Livingstons then to see the Dirstines tomorrow. Stay tuned for more Christmas fun...

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Allison said...

You will have so much fun tonight AND tomorrow and I know Santa will LOVE your cookies. Super job, Noah!!