Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cookie Celebration at My School

On Friday, Mommy and Daddy surprise me at school after nap time with cookies for me and my friends. They were off getting ready for my party. Mommy made these fun cookies. There were dinosaurs, trucks, stars, "Ns" for Noah and "3s" for my third birthday.
My teacher, Miss Kitty, made me this awesome birthday crown.
She is such a nice teacher!
Mommy wore my crown, too. It fit like a glove.
Here are my friends getting ready to eat the cookies.
And here they are chowing down. They loved them and had seconds! Mommy was shocked.
What a neat beginning to my birthday weekend! Stay tuned for more fun...


Allison said...

What a fun surprise, Noah!! I am glad you got to celebrate your birthday with all of your friends too!

So, tell the truth, did the boy across from you have bad table manners? Mommy looks a little appalled in the last pic. ;)

Marirose said...

Noah, what a great Mommy and Daddy to take off work and bring cookies for your classmates! You had a really fun 3rd birthday!! Tutu