Friday, December 24, 2010

Photos with Santa 2010

A few weeks ago, Jack and I took our annual Santa photos at Dilbeck Realty. Our family friend, Lynn, is a realtor there and has invited us to come for free photos since we were babies. Mommy was crossing her fingers hoping we would not have a repeat of last year's photos. You might remember this traumatic shot from 2009...
And possibly this one, too? I was definitely not digging on Santa last year. I mean who did this guy think he was?
So this year I sat down on Santa's lap no problem. But I did not smile and I did not show any signs of enjoying myself. Hey, this is a VAST improvement from last year, right?
Look at that face. I was simply neutral.
Jack was not interested in sitting on Santa's other knee (smart move there, buddy) so he stood in the back with the adults. I was on my own.
I was kinda frozen. Maybe I was afraid to make any sudden movements?
In this photo, Jack was making sure Santa didn't do anything funny to his favorite little buddy. No worries, Jack. I was fine.
So there you have it. No crying but no smiling either. An improvement for sure, though. I bet next year Santa and I will be fast friends. One can only hope...

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Allison said...

Jack really left you hanging, Noah! I bet next year will be better but this year was good too. Too bad Santa didn't look at the camera though. :(