Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve with the Livingstons

On Christmas Eve night, we went to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house to celebrate with all of the Livingstons. Our friend, Terry, also joined us. Here's a great group photo of all of us.
And here's a photo of me and Mommy and Daddy. We were ready for some serious fun!
Our Great-Grammy was all smiles. Jack and I love her so!
And Mimi and Pop-Pop were so happy to have us at their house for Christmas.
And here's a great photo of Aunt Jenn, Uncle Jon and us kiddies.
And Jack and I had a blast being super silly with Daddy.
I love my Aunt Jenn. She gives such super hugs!
And Jack and I got into a hug tangle with Uncle Jon.
Jack and I watched a bit of "Yo Gabba Gabba" on Mimi's computer before the present opening.
We were so engrossed it was almost impossible to drag us away for presents.
Let with gift opening begin! One of the first presents I opened were these awesome Muno shoes from Aunt Jenn, Uncle Jon and Jack. So cool!
And guess what? Jack has some Plex shoes so now we match! Even more awesome!
We also got these great "Yo Gabba Gabba" underwear. Hint, hint.
And a Plex shirt. Neat!
From me, Daddy and Mommy, Jack got this cool Spiderman backpack...
And T-shirt.
But probably the most popular gift of the evening was this cool Buzz Lightyear Snuggie Jack got from Mimi and Pop-Pop. Jack loved it so much he wore it most of the rest of the evening.
He took it off long enough for some of us brave souls to try it on...
Nice "to infinity and beyond" impression, Pop-Pop!
Uncle Jon was a little less enthusiastic.
And Aunt Jenn made the Snugggie look sophisticated.
I got a lot of cool stuff, including some books, a remote control car, cartoon maker and other fun gifts from Mimi and Pop-Pop, a bunch of fun stuff and money from Grammy and a neat book about Bo The First Dog from Terry. I also got this neato Toy Story shirt from Mimi and Pop-Pop and decided to put it on on my own. Things were going pretty well...
Wait this could not be right..
Thank goodness Mommy was there to help. Whew!
Pop-Pop got this mug commemorating his big catch from Mimi. Oh, and by the way, Mimi and Pop-Pop are sending us on our very first trip to Disneyland as soon as we are ready. Awesome, right?
By the end of the evening we were getting pretty silly. Do you think I could be the Christmas Rambo? I've got the headband no problem.
Daddy got this cool Groucho nose...
And I had to try it, too.
Well, a great Christmas Even was had by all. Thanks, everyone, for all the awesome gifts and great fun. I hope I get some neat stuff from Santa, too. Time to go home and go to bed. See you in the morning...


Meg said...

That was a great start to the Christmas presents thing! You and Jack got some very exciting things. Trip to Disneyland...WOW!!! Lucky boys!

Allison said...

Such fun! Love all of your pictures, Noah! Good luck with your big boy underwear!!! I agree with that Meg lady from above... Disneyland - COOL!!!!