Monday, December 13, 2010

My 3rd Birthday Party!

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy threw me a splendid party to celebrate my third birthday! We had a Dr. Seuss theme since I really love The Cat in the Hat. It's my favorite show these days.

I even got to wear this awesome T-shirt for the occasion. You might be asking yourself, "T-shirts in December?" Well it was about 80 degrees on Saturday. What a perfect day for a party, huh?

And I got this neato balloon with Sam-I-Am on it.

Lucky I did not get too attached to my balloon because it popped in about five minutes. Oh, well, we have our memories, right?

Soon my guests started to arrive. Jack and I quickly made use of the party hats.

Mimi joined us...

And so did Great-Grammy. Jack found my stuffed Max and he had to pose in the photo, too.

Here I am with Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn. As you can see, I also discovered there were party horns.

Tutu and Sir came, too. Gotta love their "Naughty" and "Nice" shirts. I was still very interested in my party horn.

Of course Pop-Pop was still in the limelight and talked up a storm about his big, big fish. Mimi told him he could only talk about it for five minutes but more people kept coming in so five minutes turned into about an hour. Oh, well, that's what happens when you are a rock star.

Uncle Jon dug the party horns, too. Don't worry, we soon became interested in other things.

My other Great-Grandma, Betty, and Aunt Mary came to my party, too. The gang was certainly all here!

Here's a great shot of Pop-Pop and his girls. What a lucky guy!

Jack and I were quit fortunate to have our beautiful friend, Emily Rose, at the party. Her Mommy Allison and Daddy Paul came, too. We had hours of fun playing upstairs with all my toys. We had a blast!

Emily loved my Batcave and Dragon Castle the best. She tells me she wants a fire truck for Christmas. Sounds good to me.

Then it was time for cake. Hooray!

I sat in a seat of honor and loved it when everyone sang "Happy Birthday."

Is all that for little old me? Thanks!

Then it was time to blow out the candle. I did pretty well this year.

Then it was time to dig in. I love cake!

It was a white cake with white frosting with strawberries inside. Yummy!

Emily loved the cake, too, and of course had a seat right next to me so she would get one of the first slices. She is such a smarty!

Jack had milk with his cake. Good combo, buddy!

Hmmm, what's next? How about presents!

I got a lot of really cool stuff. Jack made sure to help me with the boxes. I got a boat (almost like the one Pop-Pop caught his big, big fish on), books, an Ironman action figure (which Jack almost took home with him)...

...clothes, money (I'm going to buy a fishy!) and much more.

I made sure to thank everyone for their gifts. Here I am giving Jack's Po-Po a big hug as only I can give.

The most exciting gift of the evening was a cool fire truck play set. It was super complicated and took Daddy about two hours on Sunday to put together. I think we are moving into the "lots of assembly required" stage. Joy!

One last photo of all my party goers (at least those who were brave enough to stay until the end) before we said goodnight.

Thanks, everyone, for the good times, good food and awesome gifts! I had a great third birthday and I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life to help me celebrate my special occasions. So can we have another party next weekend?

P.S. Thanks, Mimi, for sharing your photos with us! You're such a great photographer.


Allison said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! Three looks great on you! Let me agree with everything you said about Emily. She DID love your toys (castle and batcave, especially, like you said) and the cake too! It was a really fun party and we are glad we got to celebrate with you. Here's to a rockin' fourth year buddy!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Cousin Noah! We all had such a great time. Jack can't stop talking about your new toys. He keeps telling me that Aunt Ali is going to bring them to Great Grandma's house. (hint, hint).

Marirose said...

Hi Noah, your party was so much fun. So glad you liked the Iron Man robot we got you and the new outfit. You really know how to party! Love you so much, Tutu and Sir

Dele said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah! I'm so glad I was there to sing Happy Birthday to you. You are so loved by all your wonderful family and friends!

Meg said...

Oh boy, Noah! That was a super party for a super 3 year old! I like cake, I'll have to sit closer next time!