Thursday, December 30, 2010

Boxing Day Movie Madness!

On Sunday morning, Mommy and Daddy decided that I was old enough to go to the movies! I've watched many movies from the comfort of my own living room but never watched one in a real theater.
We decided to see "Yogi Bear" (seemed the best choice for a boy like me) and went to our local Regal Theater to watch it. Here are Daddy and I standing outside by the movie poster. Let's get in there...I am ready to go!
When we got inside, there was a huge "Yogi Bear" movie display. I had to pose in front of it.
Then we headed into the theater. It was pretty cozy and I sat next to Daddy AND Mommy.
"Yogi Bear" is a 3D flick so I had to wear special glasses during the film. They even had little ones for kiddies like me. Do I look cool or what?
And guess what? They have popcorn at the movies! Yummy! I got my own little box and I dug right in. Mommy brought me my own juice and fruit snacks.
So, I guess now you want to know how I did. I sat in my seat for the first 25 minutes of the movie and probably kept my glasses on for about 10 of those minutes. After that I got a bit restless and had to walk up and down the aisle, rearranging the cup holders on the row below ours. Good thing there was only one other family in the theater with us and they didn't seem to mind my movement. I did enjoy the movie, though, but I just couldn't sit still for the whole thing.
So first trip to the movies: I give it two thumbs up! Another milestone in this little life of mine. Yeah!


Marirose said...

What a great first movie choice, Noah! Your mommy and daddy rock!

Anonymous said...

Honey, I think you're ready for the Big Time! Let's go see "The King's Speech!" Love you!

Allison said...

Pretty good little guy! Glad you didn't take any spills while walking around in the dark!