Wednesday, December 1, 2010

La Quinta Vacation: My First Bike Ride

On Sunday, the last day of our La Quinta vacation, it was such a nice day that we all decided to take a bike ride. You know my double stroller that I have so generously shared with my cousins? Well it's actually a bike trailer in disguise! I donned my helmet and got ready for my very first bike drive. By the way, I am wearing a helmet made for a 5-year-old since my noggin is so big. Hee, hee!
All strapped in and ready to go. I had to have my lovie just in case.
OK, Daddy, let's go! I'm ready!
So Daddy hopped on his bike and got ready to pull me along. Mommy was not able to ride with us because her back tire popped. So she took the photos instead.
Here we are on our first loop around the block. So far I liked it.
Tutu and Sir rode their bikes, too. It was a bike-o-rama!
So since I was doing just fine in my trailer, we decided to go for a longer spin around the neighborhood. Off we go!
So guess what happened? Tutu and Sir said that they looked over at me after about five minutes into our ride and it looked like I was nodding off. Seriously, I was falling asleep! While on a bike ride! It was a pretty cushy ride back there so I guess I was lulled to sleep. How silly, right?
So I can now cross "riding a bike" off my list of things to do before I turn 3. Only about a week and a half before the big day arrives. I can hardly wait...


Allison said...

OF COURSE! Of course you would fall asleep while riding behind the bike! What a silly little guy you are, Noah! And how lucky your Mommy and Daddy are that you will fall asleep doing anything!

Meg said...

I think I'd be lulled to sleep in a nice breezy trailor behind a bike with a driver I trusted implicitly! I MIGHT fit in your trailor all rolled up like a pretzel, maybe! Probably hard to nod off like that though! Lucky guy!

Jenn said...

Now, that is the kind of bike ride I could go for. Lucky guy!