Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn!

On Saturday afternoon, we all went to Great-Grammy's house to celebrate two of my favorite peoples' birthdays: Uncle Jon (December 19) and Aunt Jenn (December 15)!
Grammy has been making a special dinner for Uncle Jon for many years for his birthday. Us Christmas babies need to feel special, right? This year, most of his friends have very small babies at home so we decided to keep this party low key and invite our friends Emily Rose, Allison and Paul. Yes, this is the second week in a row that we were able to get to laugh and play with our friend, Emily. What a treat, right?
OK, so us three-year-olds will only sit so long for a photo before we have to be silly.
Emily and Jack really liked the fire engine play set I got for my birthday last week so Daddy promised he would bring it for everyone to enjoy at the next party. And boy did they love playing with it.
Emily loved sending the cars down the ramp.
Even Aunt Jenn got into the act.
I think Emily needs one of these for Christmas. Santa, get right on that, will ya.
I, of course, have played with the fire engine for a whole week so I quickly moved on to my other favorite thing: playing instruments. I dazzled the crowd with my drum stylings.
Then it was time for dinner! Grammy made homemade raviolis for the adults while us kiddos shared some mac 'n cheese. Hey, there's Mimi, Pop-Pop, Yee-Yee Shari and Po-Po Grace, too. What a group!
After dinner, Emily gave Jack and I a present for Christmas. Jack had to give her a big hug to thank her.
And so did I.
Here's Emily showing off my gift: a neat Old McDonald matching game with a popper dice. She couldn't wait to play it so we got right to it.
And she won the first round! Lucky, girl!
Jack got a game, too, but his was The Three Little Pigs instead. Awesome presents, Emily! Thanks so much!
The adults then decided we should "try" to take a respectful photo of the three of us. This one is pretty good...
This one is even better...
Then things got a bit out of control...
And down went Jack and I. It's OK, Emily, we do this frequently.
Here's a very cute photo of Emily and me. Awww!
I am so glad to have such a sweet and beautiful friend like you!
Then it was time for dessert and to sing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday "kids!" Yeah!
Emily and her Mommy made us cookies and fudge for dessert. She handed them out to everyone and was very proud of her sprinkles.
Jack went for a piece of fudge.
And I went for the cookie. It was delicious!
Yummy! Good sprinkles!
We also had ice cream! My favorite, even though I typically "suffer" through it. Hee, hee!
Of course, all the fun had to come to an end. Here's one more photo of Emily and her Mommy and Daddy. Thanks for the presents and for making the trip up north.
One more goodbye hug! Come back and visit soon!
Happy birthday, Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn! I love you both so very much! I hope you got everything you wished for and more!


Allison said...

You got some great pictures! We had a great time celebrating your Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn, Noah. Plus, you were very nice to share your fire truck city - Emily could have played with it for HOURS!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Your mommy got some great photos, Noah! You and Jack and Emily have the beginnning of a beautiful friendship. You had such fun and I am so happy to see these great pix.
love you!