Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Party at Preschool

This morning, we had an awesome Christmas party at my school. We all got to wear our jammies today, as you can see. I wore my favorite dinosaur ones. I was so excited to wear my jammies that I asked Mommy about it every morning this week.
Here's my class in front of the center's tree. Are we cute or what?
And here we are with my teacher, Miss Kitty, and our helper, Miss Jennifer.
Today, we did something special for our lunch. We made our very own pizza and fruit salad! We each got a turn putting on some sauce. Nicholas was especially excited about this part.
Lacey got a turn, too.
And so did I!
Then it was time for the cheese! Alyssa loved this part...
Logan did, too!
And I put on a big handful, very enthusiastically I might add.
Here's out finished product ready for the oven. Oh, boy!
While we waited for our pizza to cook, Miss Kitty lead us in singing two songs. The first one was "Ten Little Santas." I was quite the performer and Mommy says I reminded her of Uncle Jon when he was little. Observe...
Then we closed it out with "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Again, I performed with pizazz!
Next, we opened our Secret Santa gifts. I opened mine so fast that Mommy kind of missed it. Here's the wrapping...
And here's my gift: a cool farm floor puzzle. I put it together right after dinner tonight, I was so excited. Gregory was my Secret Santa. Thanks, Gregory!
And I had Lacey. I got her a great board book about Santa! She loved it.
We still had a few more minutes to kill before our pizza was cool enough to eat. No idol time allowed with kids my age, I tell ya. So Miss Kitty read us a story about monkeys reading in bed. It was silly!
I was enthralled.
Then it was time to eat! We all got our pizza...
And check out the fruit salad. We made it ourselves earlier that morning.
Here I am enjoying my lunch. I actually took about three bites of pizza and of course ate all the fruit and even some mac 'n cheese that Mr. Mario snuck in.
So there you have it! A great party for a great bunch of kiddos. Merry Christmas, friends! See you in January! I'm going to stay home with Mommy next week and we are going to have fun!


Jenn said...

So glad you liked the pizza. It is one of Jack's fave meals. Hopefully, you can add that to the list of things to eat for dinner.

Meg said...

Pizza looks delish-way to go Noah! I liked your singing and dancing too! Have fun at home with Mommy next week...that will be so special!

Allison said...

What a fun party! I love your excitement! A week home with Mommy? Wowee!!! Have fun!