Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Christmas Present for Mommy and Daddy

Did you know that there are only 7 more days until Christmas? And did you know that not only do we celebrate Jesus' birth but we celebrate by giving presents to each other? Cool, right?
So this week, I gave Mommy and Daddy a gift that I made for them at school. I know it's a week early but some of the kids in my class will not be at school next week so we decided to give our presents now. I made them this awesome ornament with a paper plate, paint and construction paper, all topped off with a photo of myself and a little red bow. And guess what? They loved it!
Boy this gift giving stuff is really neat! I can hardly wait one more week until the big day!


Meg said...

I'm sure they LOVED it, Noah!! You did a fabulous job!

Allison said...

Nice! I can see why they loved it so much - such nice painting and a wonderful picture!

Anonymous said...

Noah - this is so sweet. You are really into the spirit of giving!
Love you

Marirose said...

Ali and Jeff, this ornament will hang on your Christmas trees forever! I still hang the egg carton ornaments that Jeff and his cousin Scott made as little guys like Noah and ones made by Marisa, Darlene and Nora too. They are the most precious ornaments on the tree. Noah, your ornament is really beautiful! Tutu