Thursday, December 30, 2010


On Sunday afternoon, while I was napping, Daddy built my train table! I'm sure you are all curious to see what it looks like. It took him about 4 hours to complete the job. Whew! It's 49.25x33x17 inches! Wowee!
Here's a bird's eye view. As you can see, we set it up on our upstairs landing.
Here's the view from the other side. Is this things awesome or what?
I got right to work having lots of fun with my trains. All aboard!

There are three engines and seven cars and everything is wooden. The trains are all self-propelled, meaning that I have to push them to make them go. There are several spots on the tracks that make train noises.

Let's take a quick tour of all the features, shall we...
Here's the passenger station, complete with a passenger and conductor.
Here's the gas station.
Here's the roundhouse. You can turn the engines around and even put the engines and cars inside to sleep at night.
There's even a mountain and tunnel.
And a work yard with a magnetic crane that lets you load lumber, containers and other neat stuff on the cars.
And finally, there's this really cool bridge that lights up when the cars go over it.

Here's a little video of the sights and sounds of my train table. I went around and around like this all evening and even insisted on having my dinner upstairs so I did not miss a thing.
At one point, I had all the trains attached together and going around the tracks without falling off. What a genius I am, huh?
So I am looking forward to many, many years with my train table. Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for this awesome gift and to Daddy for painstakingly putting it together for me.


Marirose said...

Fantastic! Glad you are emoting it so much! Good for your daddy putting it all together! Love you, Tutu and Sir

Jenn said...

Wow, Noah -- so jealous! Looks like you will have hours of fun!

Dele said...

Merry, merry, Engineer Noah! Whoo-whoo! Just caught up on all your Christmas pictures - what fun you've had with all your family this Christmas...much love and many beautiful smiles!

Allison said...

Many many hours of fun you will have driving that train around. Go Noah!