Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day with the Dirstines

On Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Tutu and Sir's house to celebrate Christmas with all of the Dirstines. Here's a shot of their tree...spectacular, right?
As soon as we arrived, I dove right in and started opening presents. Here are some highlights!

My first gift was a dinosaur named Boris. He's a character from the show "Dinosaur Train."
He roars and chomps and talks. He's awesome!
Here's a little video of Boris in action. Cool, huh?
Then I opened a neato golf tee. When you hit the button a ball comes out and hovers in mid-air so you can hit it. Stay tuned for a future post of me playing with this toy.
Ella opened lots of gifts, too. Here's one she really enjoyed.
It's a Pixie Power Playset, complete with lots of fairies. So beautiful!
Then it was time for the big gift in the corner by the piano. And guess what? It was for me!
It's a train table complete with tracks and everything!
Daddy, can we set this up NOW? Since it weighed about 100 pounds, I agreed to fore go the set up until the next day. Stay tuned for a future post all about my train table.
And finally, I opened a neat game system called Mobigo.
Looks neat, huh?
I also got Legos from Aunt Marisa, Uncle Mike and Ella (see a future post on me playing with Legos soon) as well as a cool plate from Aunt Nora that let's you play with your food. OK, so it's got a face on it and let's you use your food to give the face hair and such. Very cool!
The adults got all kinds of fun stuff, too. Mommy got a cashmere sweater, a necklace and this lovely top. Ella loved it, too, so she had to try it on.
As you might remember from last year, Tutu has lots of electronic friends at her house during Christmas. I really enjoyed them this year and moved them all around the living room in order to fully experience them. They started out on the hearth, then I moved them to this chair.
Now how do I get them all going at once?
Here's a little video of the results. Enjoy!
Then I decided that they might be more comfortable on the floor.
Then I shared them with Ella.
And we danced all over the living room.
Here's a video of our dancing skills. Gotta love it!
Then it was time for dinner! Tutu cooked a big turkey with all the fixings. I got to sit in a big chair next to Sir and even got to use the good silver. Neat! Guess that means I'm growing up.
The rest of the evening was spent playing games, like Wii Bowling.
Excellent strike, Sir!
And the techie dudes played "Battleship" on their iPhones/iPods. Nerds!
And we attempted to take a family photo. I, however, would not let go of this reindeer and tried to get away. Oh, well, nice try.
Ella and her Mommy and Daddy had a bit more success.
Awww, baby kisses are the best!
Did I mention that Aunt Nora and Aaron were home visiting from the frozen north? They are surviving the Montana winter so far. No frostbite is a good thing!
As the night wound down, I played a bit of Peek-A-Boo Farm with Tutu.
Got in a few more hugs with my Aunt Nora.
And gave Cousin Ella a big kiss goodbye.
Thanks, Tutu and Sir, and everyone for such a great Christmas Day and for such excellent gifts! I love all of you so much!
So Christmas is over but we have so many wonderful memories (and gifts) to remind us of the season. Can't wait until next year...


Meg said...

I love the cacophony of all the toys singing together on the chair. Oh my when Emily sees that train table, she may move in with you! Glad y'all had such a wonderful Christmas!

Marirose said...

Noah, you and Ella are great dancers! I especially loved you both dancing in front of the Nutcracker music box! It is a Christmas memory we will always cherish!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas with your Tutu and Sir! The photos are great and the videos, too. You are just surrounded by love, Noah! You really will have great memories!
love you,

Allison said...

What a day! Where will you put all of your new goodies, Noah?! I see some serious playtime in your future.