Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning: Santa Came to Visit!

On Saturday, it was finally Christmas Day! And guess what? Santa came to my house! I guess all those "nice" reports from Charlie our Elf on the Shelf paid off. Here's a shot of all the presents! The ones from Santa are wrapped in special paper that says "from Santa" on it. Let's get to this!
The first gift I opened from Santa was this awesome "Goodnight Moon" floor puzzle.
It has big pieces.
I am really liking floor puzzles these days so I got right down to work on this new one.
Next, I opened a neat block puzzle. It has robots on it and is nine puzzles in one! Super cool!
Time to open more presents. I'm getting pretty good a the unwrapping part.
Ooh, it's a Toy Story magnet set. You open the box and there are two different scenes inside to put the magnets on. And you know how much I love magnets!
I also got this Color-Forms dinosaur play set. The dinos stick over and over and over. Mommy was shocked that they still had Color-Forms. I mean how retro can you get?
One of the coolest gifts from Santa was this "Tickle Monster" book and special tickle gloves. Here I am demonstrating on Mommy. Hee, hee!
Finally, I got this Christmas coloring book that let's you wipe off the markers and color over and over again. How very eco-friendly!
As part of our ongoing family tradition, we always get each other a new ornament for Christmas. I got this neat Noah's Ark one. Cool, that's my name!
Just a few more presents to go! I got the Why Writer from one of my favorite shows "Super Why" from Mommy and Daddy. Cool!
Daddy and I had to do the signature "put your hand in" from the show and then say "Super Readers to the rescue!" I guess you had to be there.
Mommy and Daddy also got me this cute book and stuffed friend set. The dog interacts when you read the story. It's pretty cool!
And finally, I opened Whyatt, the main character from "Super Why."
He says lots of things and his cap moves when you fly him around the room.

Here's a video of me demonstrating. Enjoy!
Here's one last photo of the wreckage of Christmas morning. What a great bunch of presents I got, huh? Thanks, Santa! And thanks, Mommy and Daddy, too!

Oh, by the way, here is a video of my trying out my new remote controlled race car from Mimi and Pop-Pop. It is pretty hilarious!

So we are off to Tutu and Sir's house for Christmas dinner and of course more presents. Stay tuned...


Jenn said...

Woah Noah -- you got quite the stash from Santa Claus this year. Lucky boy -- have fun with your new toys!

Allison said...

Wowee, Noah! What will you do with ALL of those goodies?! Play hard I suppose... what fun!
PS Bittwo got the Tickle Monster book and gloves too... Emily thinks they are great

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a fun Christmas morning! I am glad you like your remote car. Can't wait to put some puzzles together with you!
love you!

Marirose said...

I was sure Santa would bring his little Noah some really cool presents! You have been such a good boy all year! Puzzles are so much fun and that remote control car is amazing! You will have to explain the Captain Whyatt to Tutu and Sir. We don't know much about him but he looks really cool! Love you"